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          " Open Enrollment"

            Our new "Toddler Room" is

            now opened, call to schedule

            a tour!

           Just a reminder

           water play is

           every Tuesday, Wednesday

           and Thursday

           August 14, 2017

           Center Is Closed

           Reminder "Show & Tell"

           Every Friday!










August Birthdays - Happy Birthday

Gavin - Happy 2nd Birthday!

 Mia- Happy 5th Birthday!

 Emma- Happy 6th Birthday! 




               1..  Numbers 11 -20

               2.  Letters in My Name

               3.  Days of the Week

               4.  My 5 Senses

               5.  Sail On

                     SHOW & TELL:

             1. Numbers 11-20

             2. About Me

             3. My Favorite Thing     

             4. 5 Senses

             5. End of Summer

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to provide quality child care in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. To provide an opportunity for learning at age appropriate levels and to develop a life long excitement and love for learning.

Goals and Objectives

Johnston Child Care Center has a unique quality program designed for children as young as six weeks old. Our program introduces daily developmental age appropriate activities and learning experiences for each child's needs. Our teachers offer creative experiences to help guide the children through their developmental stages - socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively and to give each child the guidance to experience their own creative learning style.

Our focus is on the child's need to develop their own self-concept through interacting with a community of young children under the guidance of a trained professional staff. A positive level of communication between parents and teachers is encouraged to facilitate a healthy and happy environment for all families that are involved with Johnston Child Care Center.

Helping children develop an understanding of themselves and others enhances their socialization so that they learn to use their strengths to develop their school community. This in turn develops the child's self-confidence and creativity.

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Johnston Child Care Center
87 Putnam Ave. (Rt. 44)
Johnston, RI 02919
phone: (401) 233-3360
fax: (401) 233-3361

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